Our Story

Hello gorgeous, thank you for taking the time to be interested in the person behind the brand!

My name is Sam, I am a wife, a mother of 4 beautiful children and a lover of all things meaningful. How did I fall into running a small business? Well, being a stay at home mum is not my thing. I absolutely adore my children but neglecting my self was hurting my mental health, without the option to return to the corporate world I looked into other ways to satisfy my need to keep busy. 

Each birthday, Christmas & all other gift giving events I found myself gifting personalised products that had a sentimental meaning, gifts that can be treasured for more than 5 minutes. This pushed me into the niche of personalised gifts, although most of my products are tailored to children (classic mum of four always thinking about kids) we also offer products for friends, mums, dad & grandparents.

I hope you love the gifts I offer just as much as I do.

If you ever want to chat, dont hesitate to shoot me a message.

Sam xx